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Dear Customer,

   Thank you for visiting Rayanusa Textile Solution's website. We are extremely proud to be part of this remarkable company that is transforming the way we buy, sell and work with Textile machines, produce clothing, design new hardware, program new software and provide technical assistance for textile industries. I want you to know that Rayanusa gives you the opportunity to work with a team of very skilled and dedicated professionals who have a superlative track record in the Computer, Electronic and Textile industry.

If you are looking for a company with credibility, you have found it

Our suggestion for you is to sign up at and put your offer there. It is free and it is the best way that you can present your offer to all of our agent and clients as well as our valued website visitors. They will see your offer right away and will respond soon.

  You will have your own offer management web page with the name of (My leads). You can keep tracks, update, modify and delete option for your all offer leads.We decided to help you to get most of Rayanusa 's services. and the following is what you will receive:


1) You will receive an e-mail with subject of "Thank you for signing up at Rayanusa!!!"  That email had congratulate you for sinning up at and you have received your user Id and password that you need to sign in to and also there is a link like this "Just click on this link:
Sign In now!!!" this link is a direct sign in gate for you don't need to fill out any User ID and password via sign in page you will connect to your page directly.

2) You may create offer trade links we call offer leads. You have registered a trade offer to buy or sell. your offer will display to all of our clients and agencies all over the word surly they will respond you soon and it is your responsibility to answer them just by clicking on the link
" Answer to customer's message " to answer to your customer who is interested in your offer. this link will do two thing for you first you will signed in automatically and the second is that it will take you to the detail page of your offer with a especial future in that page you can answer to your customer just buy typing on the textbox and by click the "Post Your answer" button. To see terms and conditions about answering to customer inquiry please visit the page " How to answer to cystomer".

3) If you ever register at least one offer (to buy or sell) in our data base, you will receive almost weekly the most recent offers that have been registered in our live data base (it is grate to be updated).

 Surly it is best place for marketing textile machines online. When you create an offer lead it is best way to know how many people are interested in your offer. 
   Our web site visitors are highly targeted and interested in textile machinery and when they see
your offer if they are interested in what you have offered and if they want to know the detail of your offer then when they will click on detail link to see more information of your offer the hit counter will increase by one
. Simply it means that how many times your offer detail has been viewed by website visitors.
If the content of
your offer is what they are looking for
then they will send you message indicating their interest.
Their message will be sent to your
email address. Please knidly you are invited to visit our website you will find many sellers and buyers that you can do business with them.
    Please kindly communicate just via our system by continuing the link specially provided for you in each email that you receive ( in response to your inquiry or in customer's message that you may receive ).
   write inquiry or answer to their question and don't refer them to any postal address, web site, email address, fax number or phone number.  Our automatic message corrector eliminates unnecessary words and phrases. In case to not to loose significant phrases please always recheck your message for undermining violation phrases.
    Also he cannot send you his or her email or phone or fax even postal address, because of undermining violation. Otherwise they will be deleted from message automatically. You will receive all details and contact info by receiving Performa invoices.

  We are here to help you do secure business via internet.
The scenario for closing deal is as follow:
A- If you are a buyer:
1- You surf the Rayanusa 's site ( if you wish, you can create offer to buy, then sellers will contact you)
2- Find an offer lead close to your need
3- Click on more detail or info to see the detail page
4- At the bottom of the page there is message box you can fill it out. And click post inquiry button to post it directly to the customer.
If you have no ID you have to sign up to get your ID and password before you can post any inquiry message.
5- surly the seller will reply to your message, if you want more info again you can click on the link in your email to post another message to your seller
.( you don't need to sign in it will do it automatically and if you have signed in already you have to sign out first before clicking on the link)
6- Maybe you need several times to repeat the above process. When you decide to buy the offer, you have to reply to the email(not to send message to seller), with your complete full name and postal address. Then we will send you Performa Invoice for that offer and bank account to let you send money or open L/C. If you (or your inspector agent) need to inspect the machine(s) before their shipment, we will send you an invitation letter for you to get visa.
7- If you are a buyer we will ask you to pay 2% of total amount prior to receive Performa Invoice. And we will ask seller to reduce their prices by 1% for you. It means that you will pay actually 1% for our service and the seller will pay other 1% by reducing the total price of Performa Invoice.
B- If you are a seller:
1-you have to create an offer lead for your machine(s)
2- Surly a customer will see your offer and send you an inquiry.
3- It is your responsibility to answer with enough information attracting them to buy your machines. When buyer decides to buy your machines, you have to send us Performa invoice, bank account and invitation letter if necessary (we will help you in this regards).
4- when negotiation gets to serious situation, one of our local (to your area) or international client will help you for finalizing deal. 
 5-  If you want to send photos simply just answer to received email by replying. And attach your photos to that. Our clients will do forwarding your email and photos.

 6-  If you are a seller we will ask you to reduce your prices by 1% for our service and by then the buyer have paid 2% it means that the buyer will refund 1% of his or her paid commission.
What if you want to send attachment by your answer?
   What you have to do if you have Picture and detail list or any document that you want to send to your customers?

    If you have such document for your specific trade offer you have to send it as an attachment by simply replying to the email of inquiry for your offer without altering the subject line of the email.

    The attachment that you send will be stored under trade lead number in our database. And each time if you want to answer to your customer you have to follow the link to answer from our website and if you want to send the picture , document and detail list along with your email to you customer you have to add "#include attachment” in last line in your message.

    By appending the line “#include attachment” the picture files and any document that you had sent it before will be attached to your answer message automatically.

    Every time your the last attachment will replace the old one.

It is not possible to send attachment for your trade lead before you get inquiry for your trade lead.


    First time when you receive an inquiry for your trade lead you can send an attachment for your trade lead by simply replying to the email hence answer to customer by following the link. You don’t need to send attachment each time you answer to customers. After you send the attachment once then for subsequent correspondences just add the “#include attachment” to your answer messages.

   The size of the attachment must be kept under 64Kbyte. one attachment for each offer.
Please if you have any question don't hesitate to ask.
Thank you again for your support.
Best regards,
Rayanusa Team.
Rayanusa textile solutions
7076 Crozet Ave,
CA 93021, USA. 

Tel/fax+1 (805) 573 - 9711
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